Spring naar inhoud

While the whole world is trying to manage the impact of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, it also creates a world of opportunities. I am convinces that people will be talking about a new BC (Before COVID) and AC (After COVID) time.

The current global situation will have impact on the way we act, behave and manage things. Work from Home has become the standard and companies like Microsoft do not expect to open up their physical office locations before beginning of 2021.

IT has become more and more important how business operate and applications should be able to function and manage remote, hence many quick and dirty actions have been taken in the last months, where in many cases the Supplier has taken advantage of the situation and urgency at client side, which results in an inflated cost level for the client.

Now is the time to review and act and redefine you future partners, want to have a discussion on the topic and see how I can support you in your cost optimization efforts, please contact me.