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First of all Best wished for 2021 for every one, and that this crazy world may get back to normal soon. With the world going crazy I see a big change in Consumer Behaviour and how companies need to act upon this. No more shopping in the streets, working from home, online transition has been expedited by the lock-downs and people get used to it quite rapidly.

As organization this requires massive adoption and change to stay connected to your customer. Basically this means you need to gather and collect even more information of them, enhance your existing date with behavioral data and have targetted messaging to the customer.

When visiting a site that does not give me suggestions based upon my google searches it is a disappointment and makes my buying process more cumbersome. Which is why organizations need to invest more in Marketing Technology to be able to create this Customer Intimism. During 2021, I will be looking for disruptive players in the market that can really make a difference in 2021. Stay tuned.

Where every one is waiting for the real impact of COVID-19, business continues as normal. However clients get used more and more to virtual meetings and video conferencing.

Now the first storm has been weathered, companies are getting ready for the next big wave. In order to survive they need to re-baseline their cost base, which requires an in depth look at their way of operating and the IT resources required to facilitate this.

Hence currently i am busy with several optimization and cost reduction initiatives to help adjust clients to the new normal.

Sofar without travel to the client location, which has to wait a bit longer.

Keep the inspiration when working from home and do not forget, set your goals high, otherwise you never improve and exceed the market expectations.

Need help?, contact me for an intake.

While the whole world is trying to manage the impact of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, it also creates a world of opportunities. I am convinces that people will be talking about a new BC (Before COVID) and AC (After COVID) time.

The current global situation will have impact on the way we act, behave and manage things. Work from Home has become the standard and companies like Microsoft do not expect to open up their physical office locations before beginning of 2021.

IT has become more and more important how business operate and applications should be able to function and manage remote, hence many quick and dirty actions have been taken in the last months, where in many cases the Supplier has taken advantage of the situation and urgency at client side, which results in an inflated cost level for the client.

Now is the time to review and act and redefine you future partners, want to have a discussion on the topic and see how I can support you in your cost optimization efforts, please contact me.

With most of Europe suffering from a very warm and hot summer, the Tee-sourcing business has been going smoothly, with several Clients through out Europe.

Projects varied from ERP selection, Digital Strategies, Transportation Management solutions, to Back up solutions etc. Hence a variety of topics to be tackled.

For the remainder of 2019, i am aiming to have more projects closer to the Netherlands to reduce my travel, as currently 50% of the time i am travelling to Russia.


Savings as a service, is the latest offering to the services portfolio, which means that for a 40 months retainer fee, there will be an obligation to perform work until the $avings are identified and contracted. If you are interested to learn more, please sent me a message @fred-teekens@tee-sourcing-com.

The first Quarter of 2017, has been a quarter with many interesting projects across Europe. I continue to see IT - Suppliers chasing Clients and spreading their Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, in order to push them into new commercial negotiations and solve a "Problem"that actually does not exist.

One of the Key elements for Clients to work on is to fully understand their contractual rights and the key dates of the contract, like notice period for terminations, date for usage reporting, etc.

In case you want any help with review of your Top-5-10 contracts. Please get into action now and contact me @ fred.teekens@tee-sourcing.com or NET(net) for further support.

With 2016 coming to an end, it has been an exiting year. Many projects have been delivered and great results are achieved for the clients.

Projects were operated in several countries, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Jersey, Denmark, Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA, India.

Who knows what 2017 will bring. With all the things happening in this world, I would like to wish you all a happy holiday season and all the best wishes and health for you and your family for 2017.

Remember, by doing what is right, you'll get the deal that you deserve.