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Tee-Sourcing does not work on a Time & Material basis.

Several engagement models can be discussed, depending on your requirements and size of the opportunity

Standard Engagement:

  • Initial Fee: 35.000 euro
  • Performance Fee: 35% of achieved savings over the contracted period.

BAFO Engagement

  • No Initial Fee
  • Minimum Fee: 15.000 euro
  • Performance Fee 50% of achieved savings over the contracted period

$avings as a Service

When you are seeking a longer term cost savings program, The $avings as a Service Program, might be of interest.

An Initial Fee which will cater for an initial 120Days Plan, which an approach on how savings can be achieved and which timelines are to be expected.

This $aaS program have an initial Fee of EUR 60.000 for the initial planning stage, after which  Tee-sourcing shall help and lead the optimization effort and the Fee's will be a result of the Performance/Savings achieved. A 25% of the savings achieved shall be be due.

Baselines will be calculated over a minimal 3 year contract term, based upon empirical data, e.g. Supplier proposal, for renewal or first offerings from an RFP process.

All, amounts are exclusive of VAT.