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Tee-Sourcing does not work on a Time & Material basis. There are the following type of Find & GET Value engagements.

Standard Engagement:

  • Initial Fee: 35.000 euro
  • Performance Fee: 35% of achieved savings over the contracted period.

BAFO Engagement

  • No Initial Fee
  • Minimum Fee: 15.000 euro
  • Performance Fee 50% of achieved savings over the contracted period

Managed Portfolio Offering

In this engagement Client commits to bring a minimum baseline value to Tee-Sourcing in order to allow us to achieve cost reductions for Client.

These contracts have a minimum duration of 40 months, and will consist of a non-cancellable monthly fee commitment, which will be dependent on the baseline value concerned. Prior to Performance fee being charged to Clients the total commitment of the Managed Portfolio Fee first need to be recovered by the Client.

The higher the monthly fee (commitment), the lower the Performance Fee %, please contact Tee-sourcing for more information.

$avings as a Service

Similar to the above Managed Portfolio Offering, but with a guaranteed savings to be achieved during the term. The work shall continue until the savings are identified and contracted.

All, amounts are exclusive of VAT.