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Tee-sourcing works together with NET(net) a Global IT Optimization leader, NET(net) has the information, tools, and capabilities you need to stay ahead of the market, by working with us behind the deal.

NET(net) has the experience you want, the expertize you need, and the performance you demand to help you maximize the economic and strategic value in your technology agreements, investments, and relationships.  Our team of seasoned professionals averages over 24 years of experience and has both client and supply side expertise in technology, finance, operations, procurement, legal, and supplier and contract management. We have hundreds of clients around the world in virtually every industry, and we have professionally managed thousands of engagements in the field, resulting in billions of savings and benefits.

Regardless of your size, your level of expertise, your industry or geography, or where you are in the lifecycle of your technology agreements, investments, and relationships, NET(net) can help you find value in your technology supply chain, get value in your technology marketplace, and keep value in your organization. Get started today.

No sure whether you have the best possible deal, or capabilities to negotiate with large IT Suppliers.  Please contact us for a review of your case.