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About me

Welcome to my personal page,

C.F. (Fred) Teekens, born on 21 July 1973, in the Netherlands, after a procurement career at ING Group N.V. and the divested NN Group N.V., I started after 18 years experience my own self employed company.


Soon after i established my Self employed company i was hired by a Company called NET(net), an boutique IT optimization firm, with great experience in optimizing IT contracts and Spend.

Since I joined in 2015, i have gained additional experience in optimizing and negotiating:

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Cloud Contracts
  • Business Applications
  • Data Centers
  • Workplace Services
  • HCM contract
  • .... and many more specifics

For support, please contact me for an initial assessment of your situation.

Historic Experience

My procurement experience has always been in IT and managing and negotiating the largest (global) agreements for the organization.  Contracts like Microsoft EA, IBM Global Agreements, Oracle ULA's, Global WAN contracts, Data Centre - Co-Locations and Work place services contracts and any others.

During my NN Career I have been responsible for the separating activities between Bank and Insurance as well as later on the carve out of the divested entities from Asia from group contracts.

Since July 2015 i have started for myself and have a close collaboration with NET(net), a boutique IT optimization firm.

Contact details:


mobile +31610977765